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1.5 Million Reasons Your Healthcare Facility Needs Cyber Insurance

Insurance companies manage risk by pooling funds to compensate entities in the event of a loss. It’s a business, so it only makes sense that the insurance industry would come up with a solution for losses caused by data breaches.

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Ten Ways To Give Your Interior Design Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover

You spend time choosing paint colors with names like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Tranquility’ or Farrow & Balls’ ‘Borrowed Light’. Your hands are busy caressing precious silks and the finest linens, but don’t kid yourself – interior design is a cutthroat business.

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Move Over Pixels; Paper Reigns In The Greeting Card Kingdom: Using Digital To Sell Your Paper Cards

What the Internet taketh away, can be given back. If the digital world has impacted your traditional greeting card business, you need to use the power of the Internet to promote your business and sell your paper cards.

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Do Your Customers Feel Protected? Improving Security in Financial Services

The banking and financial sectors have made significant progress in encouraging customers to join them in the online world. Some people are still worried about providing financial information over the Internet. Reassure those skeptics and enhance your online financial services by

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Can eCommerce Sites Turn Your Craft Business Into a Money Maker? Here’s How…

Many successful businesses started off as a passion or a hobby. If your crafts, art or homemade food products are drawing raves, it could be time to start selling online. Anyone can sell their original creations online. Profits don’t come

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Bed and Breakfast Success Stories Start with a Great Marketing Plan

Many of us have had that fantasy of leaving the rat race and opening a quaint bed and breakfast or country inn. Running a B&B isn’t an easy job. It goes without saying that you have to be a people

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Welcoming Students Back to School with Secure Email Messages

If you are a school administrator or teacher, while others are enjoying the last few weeks of summer, you are prepping for the new school year. Communications with parents and students are an important part of the school experience. Those

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You Too Can Be On YouTube: Viral Video Promotions

YouTube is the third most popular website after Google and Facebook. The video giant was acquired by Google in 2006 because they realized that video is a big money maker. It’s a big money maker for them, and it can

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Tips for Marketing Your eBook in the Crowded Digital Space

When an author writes “The End” on the last page, that is just the beginning. Every author dreams of having a best seller. As a publisher, agent, or bookseller, you have the same hopes for the writers you represent. eBooks

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