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LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet, and Kroll Background America Get Hacked: Is This The Worst Data Breach Of All Time?

Cyber security blogger Brian Krebs has broken one of the biggest data breach stories of the year, if not the biggest of all time. Krebs reports on the hacking incident that affected the big data brokers on his website Krebs

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Scan or Scam? The Pros and Cons of QR Codes for Quick Response

By now you know that marketing has gone digital and in order to maximize your brand message you have to take advantage of all the technological goodies that are available to you. One of these products is the QR code, or

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Marketing’s Evil Twin: “Get Rich Quick” Multi-level and Pyramid Schemes Topple Budding Entrepreneurs

We write about marketing on this blog, but there is one form of “marketing” that is controversial – multi-level marketing. What is it and how does it differ from an illegal pyramid scheme? Do MLMs really provide a marketing solution

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I’ve Got A Bad Case of Data Breach News: Does The FTC Have the Cure?

Every single day there is a news story about a data breach in the U.S. Do a quick check on Google and there are bound to be reports of a couple of data breaches. Usually, one of those stories involves

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What’s The Difference Between a $2000 Purse and a $20,000 Designer Handbag? It’s All In the Marketing

When did purses become status symbols? A designer handbag is the accessory equivalent to a luxury car, and they can cost just as much as a Mercedes Benz. It’s true that quality workmanship and fine materials add to the cost,

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The Grass is Greener on the Side Where The Apple Tree Grows: Why Building Brand Loyalty is Like Planting Seeds

Why do people line up by the hundreds and wait for hours just to buy a phone? How does Apple build such strong brand loyalty and can you do the same with your business? Every start-up owner and entrepreneur wants to

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Taking the Scissors to ’80s Hair Salon Marketing Methods: Slash the Paper and Cut More Hair

In the hair salon business, trends are everything. You can’t give someone an ’80s hairstyle when they come in with a photograph of a model sporting the latest style. Your marketing methods have to reflect this. If you’re still using

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When People Turn Their Eyes Away: Email Marketing for Causes That Make You Cry

If your non-profit raises awareness and funds for a cause that makes people uncomfortable, it can be very difficult to find the right approach. You have to reach the hearts of people, but you can’t upset them to the point

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The Digital Red Dot: The Art of Building Your Gallery Client List With Online Marketing

The red dot means dollar signs. Does that sound crass? The term “starving artist” came about for a reason and as a gallery owner it is your determination to change that. Building your client list helps your gallery to thrive

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Building a Marketing Campaign is a Little Like Designing a Building: Rising Architects Build Their Client Base in the Cloud

If you’ve just started your career as an architect, you may have the idea that your designs will do all of the selling for you. That might be true if you were John Ronan Architects or one of the other top

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