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Mailing to purchased email lists is difficult

Mailing to purchased email lists is difficult, and in most cases impossible.  Often purchased lists have negative value.  Read on to find out why.

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Has Your Adobe Password Been Compromised? Here’s What You Can Do About It

The Adobe data breach just keeps taking and taking. Was your password one of those that was leaked, or do you even know? If you received an email from Adobe, chances are you may not have opened it, thinking it was

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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Helping Innovators to Develop and Market Their Business

Next week, people from over 140 countries will be taking part in events that will inspire them to create change in the world by starting innovative businesses that are about more than just making a profit. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) runs

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A Political Lesson In Public Relations and Managing Your Reputation: Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford

Campaigning for public office is all about marketing. The voters are viewed as customers and the politicians are the product. Buttons, flyers, and posters are given out. Websites, social media, mobile, and email marketing campaigns are employed to full effect.

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Look at Us! Customer Engagement Videos Move Beyond YouTube

It hurts most writers to say this, but video is the king of digital media. In the same way that movies have often stolen the thunder from novels, video is taking over written forms of customer engagement. It’s probably because

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Why It Pays To Be Honest: How Unethical Marketing Practices Cost Pharmaceutical Giant Johnson & Johnson $2.2 Billion

The Fortune 500 multinational company Johnson & Johnson is a household name. They’ve already weathered major challenges against their brand, such as the Chicago Tylenol Murders. Lying to the public, misleading organizations that purchase their product, and omitting important information in their marketing

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The Success of Gluten-free Products: Lessons in Food Marketing

Go into any grocery store, any bakery or any health food store, and you’ll find gluten-free products beside the regular products. There is one other difference – in addition to being gluten-free, they often cost approximately twice as much as the

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New Study Shows Consumers Don’t Want to Buy What You Are Selling After a Data Breach

Cintas recently released a study they commissioned by Harris Interactive, showing that customers are reluctant to do business with companies after their information has been compromised. That shouldn’t be a surprise, as a data breach is a public relations nightmare. By

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I Heard It on the Radio: Engaging Listeners Off the Air Through Digital Marketing

There is something special about driving in your car, cranking up the tunes on the radio and singing along. This works even better if they are driving songs, like the kind Bruce Springsteen sings. There are people who would rather plug

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Reputation Management: How To Deal with Haters and Activists Who Talk Down Your Business

You can’t please everyone and sometimes you can’t please thousands of people. If your business is involved in an activity that some people have an issue with, you have to deal with activists who will protest, boycott, and use social

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