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Reaping the Benefits of Electronic Receipts Requires Protecting Your Retail Customers from Breach

The ability to offer shoppers electronic receipts in lieu of the printed variety offers a wide host of advantages to retailers and customers alike.  Retailers not only save money and lessen their environmental impact but also capture customer email addresses

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An Introspective Customer Journey in a Successful Email Marketing Program

At iPost we take pride in our ability to guide customers on how to drive meaningful email marketing campaigns.  Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some truly terrific marketers and brands. Just recently I worked

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Stumbling Through Secure Document Transmission

Over on the ArmoredEnvoy blog, Luis Rivera had some interesting things to say about the problems of passing data securely through email. I thought it was worth repeating. Here is Luis (reproduced with permission): Over the years we have all

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Have you over-emphasized mobile marketing?

At the RSA Conference last week I attended a session on social engineering techniques used by phishers.  The theme of the talk was “everybody clicks”:  even the most technologically sophisticated person will eventually miss the warning signs and follow a

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