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Regenerating Engagement: Leveraging Behavioral Targeting to Keep Customers Loyal

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Today’s crowded marketplace presents a steep challenge for online retailers. As the online channel matures and flourishes and shoppers become increasingly web-savvy, how can retailers maintain brand affinity and keep customers loyal? Through perpetually regenerating engagement via behavioral targeting. Regenerating

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How Hospitality E-mail Marketing Drives Loyalty and Lifetime Value

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Online hotel booking through third party carriers is a significant growth sector in the hospitality industry, and is steadily gaining share against other booking options, including traditional travel agents and direct calls to specific hotels. With these online booking services

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OpenSSL vulnerability “Heartbleed” – iMM users not affected

Recently, a commonly-used security software library called OpenSSL was found by security researchers to have a serious bug.  This bug caused a vulnerability, known as Heartbleed, that could expose passwords and secret keys to attackers across millions of websites that

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Why E-Commerce Personalization Pays Off In Spades

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E-commerce is a well-established and entrenched sector that has fundamentally shifted the paradigm of the retail industry. Its benefits over traditional retail are numerous and significant – shoppers save time and gas, avoid crowds, and can quickly and easily compare

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