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Mailing to purchased email lists is difficult

Mailing to purchased email lists is difficult, and in most cases impossible.  Often purchased lists have negative value.  Read on to find out why.

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A Political Lesson In Public Relations and Managing Your Reputation: Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford

Campaigning for public office is all about marketing. The voters are viewed as customers and the politicians are the product. Buttons, flyers, and posters are given out. Websites, social media, mobile, and email marketing campaigns are employed to full effect.

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Why It Pays To Be Honest: How Unethical Marketing Practices Cost Pharmaceutical Giant Johnson & Johnson $2.2 Billion

The Fortune 500 multinational company Johnson & Johnson is a household name. They’ve already weathered major challenges against their brand, such as the Chicago Tylenol Murders. Lying to the public, misleading organizations that purchase their product, and omitting important information in their marketing

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Reputation Management: How To Deal with Haters and Activists Who Talk Down Your Business

You can’t please everyone and sometimes you can’t please thousands of people. If your business is involved in an activity that some people have an issue with, you have to deal with activists who will protest, boycott, and use social

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