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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Helping Innovators to Develop and Market Their Business

Next week, people from over 140 countries will be taking part in events that will inspire them to create change in the world by starting innovative businesses that are about more than just making a profit. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) runs

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What the Street Artist Banksy Can Teach You About Marketing

A few weeks ago, Banksy hit New York with an extravaganza of public art. Like many of his contemporaries, the graffiti or street artist has made a name for himself not just because of his talent, but because he is a

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Building Buzz: Attracting Social Influencers with Honey, Not Money

Marketing is like beekeeping. You need something sweet to attract the bees and you have to have a queen to get the other bees to work for your hive. Using this analogy, your business is the queen bee and you

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Building a Bridge Between Law Enforcement and the Community Through Social Media

Why does an organization that is an essential service need to promote the work that they do? While the fire department and paramedics automatically build good will, law enforcement faces unique challenges. Police departments around the world are now using

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