Writers: Look to the Cloud to Protect Your Copyrighted Creations

When you are a writer, sometimes stories or ideas just come to you, almost as if they are falling out of the clouds. It only seems appropriate that you store those ideas in the digital world we call “the Cloud”.

Writer on Cloud

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Whether you write novels, blogs or journalism, you know that if you don’t write something down right away, it is usually gone out of your mind forever. The other time those words are gone is when your computer has a complete meltdown. If you haven’t backed up your project on an external device, you may not be able to get your prized article or manuscript back.

Even if an expert manages to recover your data, it is going to be expensive to get that information back.  External devices have their own issues. It is easy to lose or misplace a USB flash drive.

By storing your writing in a secure cloud-based storage system, you don’t have to worry if your computer is damaged or stolen.

What happens when it is time to send that manuscript off to agents or publishing houses? Do you really trust email? It used to be that you would have to print out those 400 or so pages and have them sent by courier or mail. Snail mail is called that for a reason, and things do go missing.

Paper Books Enter the Cloud

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Many new writers ask their more experienced colleagues how to protect their work. They are worried about their copyright and someone stealing their work if it gets into the wrong hands. It is rare for someone to steal another writer’s work, but it could happen. Here is the thing – you don’t have to copyright protect your work, it is automatically copyright protected when you create it.

Unknown writers often send out multiple submissions. Whether you are a new writer sending out submissions in the hopes that someone will connect with your work, or a well known author sending the manuscript your publisher has been waiting for, it is much easier to do this the digital way. By using secure document delivery, you can be assured that your manuscript only reaches the intended individual. Your document will be encrypted and password protected. You will also have proof that you are the one who sent the document and that shows some proof of copyright.

Typewriter in the Grass

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You probably don’t use a typewriter anymore, although some writers still prefer to do things old school, so why bother with paper?

Most publishers are doing away with paper. The slush pile has now become digital. It saves a ton of space and money to only have to print out the projects that look interesting.

If you’ve been so busy writing that you have your head in the creative cloud, you may not have kept pace with technology and the new digital landscape. You are using the cloud, even if you don’t know it. Many of the apps you use are in the cloud.

You may be using services like Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive to share your stories with editors or friends to get feedback on your work. These are great for one reason – they are free.

Free is a great thing for a struggling writer, but if your career is taking off and you really want to protect your work and make sure it gets into the right hands, you should invest in technology to help you protect and share your work. A company that provides secure content management and document delivery in the cloud has the resources to ensure that your data is never lost, misplaced or sent to the wrong person. Your creation won’t be exposed online. You also provide personal information such as a bio and contact information when you send off your work. Your home phone number and private email address won’t be exposed in a data breach. Most writers work hard to promote their work, so you are probably aware that Facebook just announced a data breach. Why take chances with your unpublished work?

As a writer, your identity is your byline, but it can also become affected by a data breach. Losing your written work is probably even more devastating. The experts at iPost understand how valuable your work and your identity is to you. We provide solutions for secure content management and document delivery. Contact us to learn more.

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