Content Marketing and Email: A B2B Match Made in Heaven

It has been well-established that companies are successfully gaining credibility, driving conversion and courting customers through content marketing initiatives. This is because creating and distributing valuable content is not only a great way to build a rapport and develop a loyal following but also a powerful vehicle for driving conversion and mitigating churn. What’s the best way to deliver this content?  Via email.

When you’re running a B2B content marketing program, it’s not only important to deliver quality content consistently and reliably but also to carefully plan the timing and sequencing of any given campaign.  When you’re relying on banner ads, search, and other user-directed channels to reach your subscribers, you’ve lost the opportunity to manage and maximize the content experience.

There are several reasons why email is an excellent way to disseminate content to subscribers.  First, if you’re leveraging a fully featured email marketing software solution, you’re able to track your subscriber’s interaction with both your email offers and your website over time.  This capability puts you in a great position to make an educated guess on what topics will resonate best for any individual subscriber.

Second, if a subscriber has demonstrated interest in a specific area, you can deliver content in multiple formats on that topic – a whitepaper, a webinar invitation, and a blog post, for example – in a predefined sequence at specified intervals through an email drip campaign. The beauty of email drip campaigns is that they’re completely automated, and once the subscriber is on the path, you have created a series of valuable touch points to stay top-of-mind, build affinity, drive conversion and mitigate churn.

Third, automated trigger emails based on pre-specified subscriber action or milestones provide the opportunity to provide content at precisely the time when a subscriber is most likely to be receptive. For instance, if a subscriber has accepted a free trial and has not yet logged in to activate it, you can send an informative tutorial video explaining with step-by-step instructions.  Or, if a customer’s subscription is up for renewal in 3 months, you can set up a trigger to automate a series of content offers tied to new product features to increase the likelihood that they will grasp the value of these new features and remain your customer.

For delivering highly targeted and timely content to subscribers, email can’t be beat. Leveraging automated features, content marketers can create and execute sophisticated campaigns that create credibility, drive conversion and mitigate churn by providing the right content at precisely the right time. Email empowers content marketers to take control of the dialogue and deliver content on their own terms because the dissemination of these content pieces isn’t contingent on subscriber proactivity.

Put simply, with respect to content marketing, the combination of behavioral targeting, email drip campaigns and automated triggers sets email apart from other channels – it’s the best vehicle for executing successful content marketing campaigns.

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