Email Marketing Goes Mobile: the Top 6 Tactics to Capture Shoppers On-the-Go

It’s estimated that mobile traffic grew to nearly 40% of total online traffic on Black Friday 2013, reflecting a 34% increase from the previous year. And, despite the fact that most shoppers are at their desks on Cyber Monday morning, mobile sales comprised an estimated 22% of total online sales – an increase of almost 43% from the previous year.

Given the steep trajectory on mobile e-commerce, it’s widely anticipated that 2014 will be the tipping point where mobile e-commerce traffic tops that of the desktop.  Because shoppers are flocking to the mobile channel in droves, it’s critically important to make sure that your email campaigns are designed and optimized for the mobile platform.

What do email marketers need to consider when designing campaigns for the mobile platform?  Here are the top six things to keep in mind:

  • Implement responsive email template designs to ensure that your email message layout scales appropriately and renders well on both smart phone and tablet screens
  • Make sure that your email template stacks content in a single column layout for the mobile platform. This may require hiding wider images and content blocks.
  • Pay attention to your call-to-action – the mobile subscriber should not have to scroll down to find it, and it’s important that it’s thumb-sized for easy tapping.
  • Extend your mobile design program to your landing pages, because if your mobile landing page isn’t responsive and optimized, it’s highly likely that your subscriber will abandon the process before completing the transaction.
  • Include links to download your online shopping app in all email marketing campaigns.
  • Leverage mobile connectivity to drive in-store foot traffic – you can do this through delivering in-store discounts and other offers to subscribers’ smart phones and then scanning the mobile coupon at the register.

The most successful email marketers view “mobile” as its own channel – it’s not just an extension of the “online” shopping experience. This is because mobile behavior is different than desktop behavior, and the differences provide savvy email marketers with a fresh opportunity to engage subscribers in creative ways.

For instance, email offers that include coupons to be scanned and redeemed in-store resonate with the on-the-go mobile shopper because they provide the convenience of instant accessibility and attractive discounts.  There’s no paper or pre-planning involved. The mobile platform is also ripe for time-sensitive flash sales – because folks are tethered to their mobile devices 24/7, it’s a great way to create a sense of urgency within an environment where subscribers are perpetually connected, willing and able to act on an offer immediately.

It’s clear that the mobile platform will continue to take the retail world by storm. And, to successfully compete in an increasingly mobile world, email marketers need to design for and take full advantage of all that the email marketing channel has to offer.

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