Ring in 2015! Top 5 Email Marketing Resolutions

It’s that time of year to get your email marketing house in order – what are the top 5 most critical resolutions?

#1: Refine the Acquisition Strategy

List growth is universally important across industries and organizational scale. And, while increasing the size of the list is undeniably important, it’s equally critical to focus on the quality of the subscribers that you’re capturing. To ensure that you’re populating your list with high quality subscribers, start by analyzing where and how email marketing prospects are already engaging and interacting with your brand. From there, look for ways to enhance and extend those experiences through the email channel.

#2:  Personalize Content

While the days of “batch and blast” are long gone, it’s imperative to focus on perpetually improving targeting and relevancy – even using simple data points like location and gender can vastly improve a subscriber’s experience. In addition to these types of campaign filters, issuing personalized product recommendations via email based on subscriber browsing history can increase conversion rates by as much as 25% and click-through rates by up to 35%. Put simply, it’s clear that personalization pays off.

#3: Optimize for Mobile

Brands that fail to optimize email campaigns for mobile platforms will find themselves sitting on the sidelines in 2015. With consumers flocking to smartphones and tablets as their primary vehicle for both email retrieval and online purchases, mobile optimization can no longer be an afterthought. Effective design for mobile platforms extends beyond the visuals – it’s critically important to present the call to action and landing page such that they render well across platforms to effectively pave the path to conversion.

#4: Leverage Email for Cross-Channel Programs

Email uniquely drives brand accessibility across channels and platforms.  Because a subscriber can easily archive and retrieve messages on any device anytime and anywhere, email serves as a powerful bridge for brand communication and offers. If you’re not regularly issuing offers via email, you’re essentially ignoring the largest audience for this type of content. Because subscribers interact with their email accounts so frequently – and because it’s so inexpensive to reach them via email as compared to other channels – email marketing sits at the fulcrum of conversion.

#5: Automate Post-Purchase and Cart Abandonment Emails

The beauty of automated post-purchase and cart abandonment emails lies in your ability to issue offers at predefined intervals based on sales cycle statistics and typical purchase windows.  For instance, if you have determined that your subscribers typically make purchases every 30 days, you can automate a re-engagement email at day 25 to spur the purchase.  Or, if you automate a cart abandonment email to be issued 48 hours after the abandonment occurs, you can motivate a subscriber who was interested enough in an item to place it in the cart to complete the transaction through special offers. These programs are highly effective because they by definition focus on subscribers that are already highly engaged.

If you want to make 2015 your best email marketing year to date, don’t wait – put these resolutions in place.

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