The Top Five Reasons to Take that Step Toward a Paperless Office

Let’s take a walk through the average mid-sized office. On the receptionist’s desk is a pile of envelopes ready to be mailed, and another stack of mail that has just arrived. A fax machine is spewing out more paper. Check out the office of the administrative assistants. Both desks are overwhelmed with paper. One of those employees is at the photocopier making ten copies of a twenty-page report. Keep walking, past the recycling boxes filled to the brim, past the storeroom stacked with boxes of printing paper, past dozens of filing cabinets filled with sensitive information. Look; someone left the top drawer of one cabinet slightly open. You could take a peek. You won’t, but that’s just you. Now take a step into the paperless office.

This is not a Paperless Office

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You can move one step closer to that goal by storing your data in a cloud based system and using a secure email and document delivery service. Here are five reasons to transition to a paperless office:


Going Paperless Savings Infographic

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The Economic Benefits of Going Paperless

Social Security, Veterans Affairs and other federal benefit departments are planning to go paperless by March 1. Not only will their offices be paperless, but they will no longer be sending paper checks to those receiving benefits. Right now, approximately 93 percent of payments are made electronically. The government estimates the switch to paperless will save approximately $1 billion dollars over the next decade.

Going paperless means savings on paper, ink, and office equipment that needs to be replaced on a regular basis, such as printers and fax machines. Sending documents through secure email reduces shipping and courier costs. Some organizations have to send out hundreds, or thousands of documents, so you can imagine the savings. You save money in other ways. Less paper allows for a more efficient workplace.

Paperless Office and Cloud Document Management



A Load of Paper Means a Load of Work

Searching for paper documents takes time. Documents can be misfiled, employees with stacks of paper on their desk need to rifle through those papers to find the one you need now.

Let’s say you’ve prepared that 20 page document, your staff has typed it up on letterhead, and it is ready to be sent out, when you proofread and find errors. Now you have to go back, fix the mistakes and print it out again, just to end up shredding the first document. A waste of paper and a waste of time.

Sending documents through secure email and document delivery services online is fast, easy and allows you to track your documents.

It’s Called Snail Mail for a Reason

If you’ve ever had to get documents to a client or business entity in a rush, you know that there are a myriad of things that can go wrong. Even the quickest courier or delivery service can be waylaid by weather conditions or other issues.If you are down to the wire, you may miss that last pickup time. With secure document delivery in the cloud, you can send your documents 24 hours a day.

EPA WasteWise Paperless Benefits

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Going Paperless is Going Green

There is a reason companies promote the fact that their brochures and business documents are printed on recycled paper. They want their customers to know that they care about the environment. Take that one step further and reduce your use of paper. According to, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.

Paper manufacturing uses over 40 percent of pulp from trees and causes deforestation, which leads to climate change and other environmental issues. Printing inks also cause damage to the environment. The ink is made with toxic chemicals and the containers usually aren’t recyclable.

If you are the sender, you no longer need to print out the document for your client. Save your expensive letterhead paper and courier costs, and be kind to the environment. Your client can choose to save the document or print it out on their end. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recommended going paperless for many years. They highly recommend switching to digital storage and delivery methods. The EPA points out that not only will you be helping the environment, but you can expect to save anywhere from one to five dollars per document by eliminating paper.



Earn Your Clients’ Trust

The U.S. Post Office has a long and rich history in our country, but let’s face it, mail gets lost on occasion. Filing cabinets full of sensitive documents are often left unlocked. Documents that are sent by fax can sit on the tray and be picked up by someone who isn’t authorized to have access.

More government offices are going paperless. Even the FBI  has gone this route. Healthcare and financial services, lawyers offices, retailers and market researchers are just some of the businesses that have realized the benefits of  going paperless. You can be sure that these organizations have checked out the benefits and security risks. By using secure email and document delivery, you control access to your files. You don’t have to worry about data breaches caused by lax physical security, negligence, break-ins, social engineering, or computer hacks.

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