Speaking the Language of the Gamer Community in Your Email Marketing Messages

Even if you are a corporate type, or “suit”, when you are marketing to the demographic that purchases video games, you have to be able to speak their language. People who are interested in certain genres or subgenres need to feel that you understand who they are and what they want. Your email marketing messages have to respect that culture.

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It isn’t easy to translate marketing material into words that sound authentic to the buyers. Young people are your primary target in the world of video games. They are suspicious of promoters who try to act as if they are down with the culture. In fact, they probably don’t use terms like “down with the culture”.

Should you attempt to do the impossible, or is there another way? If you produce video games, you probably have a staff who understand the culture. Those are the people you need to promote your product. Even if your marketing and advertising staff is comprised of people who aren’t rabid gamers, you can ask your team to come up with ideas that resonate with the people who buy your outstanding product.

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Every culture has their own language and the entertainment world is no different. The colloquialisms and slang terms make people feel like insiders.

The Circular.com provides a dictionary of gamer terms, but beware of how you use them. Anyone can write a sentence using terms such as “PvE” (player vs. environment). When you are going gold (mass producing a game for release), you have to be able to convey that you have the same passion as your players.

Language evolves quickly in the online world, so using a term that was in vogue last week isn’t going to serve your purposes. If video games are just part of your productions, you may not be keeping up with the latest trends.

The language of today’s gamers isn’t always verbal, it’s video, and you want that message to go viral. Share your YouTube videos and your visuals by linking to your pages in your email marketing newsletter.

Video game email marketing allows you to reach those customers with immediate messages that promote your latest release. You can target the demographic of female gamers who are more interested in psychological video games, or the sports-minded types who want your latest version of NHL hockey. A video game newsletter allows you to share inside tips and tricks with your audience. More video game companies are providing live events that mirror the excitement of the game, outside of the box. You can let your gamers know about the latest gaming event in their own language, but only if you know what that is.


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You also need to protect your intellectual property from counterfeit attempts, just as those in the music business have had to do. By using secure and encrypted email document delivery, you can be sure that only the intended recipient receives your message. This is also a valid way to provide your customers with secure email messages that don’t compromise their security. Tech savvy people are concerned about their privacy.

By connecting all of your social media, mobile and email marketing campaigns, and using techniques such as guerrilla marketing, you can grab a big piece of the $65 billion video game market.

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