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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Helping Innovators to Develop and Market Their Business

Next week, people from over 140 countries will be taking part in events that will inspire them to create change in the world by starting innovative businesses that are about more than just making a profit. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) runs

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Look at Us! Customer Engagement Videos Move Beyond YouTube

It hurts most writers to say this, but video is the king of digital media. In the same way that movies have often stolen the thunder from novels, video is taking over written forms of customer engagement. It’s probably because

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I Heard It on the Radio: Engaging Listeners Off the Air Through Digital Marketing

There is something special about driving in your car, cranking up the tunes on the radio and singing along. This works even better if they are driving songs, like the kind Bruce Springsteen sings. There are people who would rather plug

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What the Street Artist Banksy Can Teach You About Marketing

A few weeks ago, Banksy hit New York with an extravaganza of public art. Like many of his contemporaries, the graffiti or street artist has made a name for himself not just because of his talent, but because he is a

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These Words Are Recycled: Repurposing Your Marketing Strategies

Yes, these words are recycled, but like paper, they have all been used in a different way and transformed by a process into a completely new thing. You can do this with your marketing strategies by using the concept of

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Promoting Old-fashioned Services with Modern Marketing Solutions

Old-fashioned services are making a comeback. While we love technology, sometimes the old ways of doing things are better, greener, and more satisfying. You can have the best of both worlds by using digital marketing to promote your retro service.

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Branding Yourself: Why Self-Promotion is Better Than OK

Who are you? Can you describe yourself in one paragraph? How about 140 characters? We promote ourselves all the time whether we know it or not. Branding yourself means identifying your strengths and marketing your attributes for personal or business

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A New Paradigm of Purpose-Driven Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility

What if you could put together a brilliant marketing campaign that inspired people to make positive change in the world? It would have to reflect your corporate culture in order to be genuine. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more than

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Five Ways To Inspire Imagination and Build Anticipation: Off-Season Marketing

If you have a seasonal business, you probably dread those periods when you aren’t making any money. What do you do when your business is closed? Instead of hibernating in Winter or spending the Summer on the beach, get busy

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Is It Too Soon? Does Early Holiday Marketing Attract or Turn Off Customers?

Not only is it not too soon to be conducting holiday marketing, it’s verging on too late. The competition is probably already ahead of you. Whether you own a brick and mortar shop or you are an eCommerce retailer, this

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