Email Marketing Solutions for Successful Airline and Car Rental Promotions

Travelers often book plane tickets and car rentals as a package. Busy people would rather search for flight and auto packages online in one swoop.

iPost’s travel industry email marketing services highlight your airline ticket and car rental packages with an interconnected marketing solution. We seamlessly connect your client database with your online travel industry marketing solutions.


Our unique car rental and airline ticket email marketing concepts identify your clients’ needs and illuminate your peerless service. The iPost travel email marketing solution provides secure business email and document delivery. We take data security seriously because protecting your customers’ information is just as important as sharing your news.

After travelers grab their luggage from the carousel, the first place they often visit is a car rental service. Don’t miss out on a strategic marketing opportunity by sending the same email message to the business traveler seeking a luxury sedan as the family looking for discount minivan rentals.

iPost’s customized email marketing tools allow national and local travel agencies to create targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to raise awareness of your auto and airline packages.

What sets your travel agency apart? We’ll help you spread the word across all channels.

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