Automotive Email Marketing

When a customer walks into your new or used car dealership, you have a golden opportunity to help them drive away happy, but first you need to get them there. You also have to keep them coming back.

iPost’s innovative automotive email marketing solutions let you engage prospects with special promotions and loyalty programs. We seamlessly connect your single or multiple property dealership customer databases and marketing campaign.

Automotive email marketing

Our stellar email marketing for the auto industry identifies your customers’ needs and illuminate your peerless service. The iPost automotive email marketing solution provides secure business email and document delivery. We take data security seriously because protecting your customers’ information is just as important as sharing your news.

Improve Your Automotive Email Marketing Campaigns

Don’t miss out on a strategic marketing opportunity by sending the same email message to the customer needing a 100,000 mile check up as the customer who buys the latest car model every year. iPost’s custom email marketing tools allow national and local managers to create targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to raise customer traffic and increase revenue.

How Eastwood Company Leverages iPost for Automotive Email Marketing

One of our star clients, the Eastwood Company, has utilized iPost’s automotive digital marketing solution and increased profits from email campaigns by 21% using iPost Autotarget customer analysis technology. Dealerships, car repair shops and aftermarket accessory suppliers all stand to improve sales through a strong automotive email marketing campaign with iPost. Are you trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors? It’s time to discover why email marketing for your auto business is the answer to increase sales.

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