B2B Email Marketing Services

Effective B2B email marketing services require a focus on delivering timely, relevant information on a regular basis. Scheduled communications to your sales and partner channels is imperative to keeping top-of-mind context. With iPost B2B email marketing solutions, you can develop lead nurturing campaigns perfectly tuned to the frequency desired by each individual prospect or customer. Deliver your message across email, social, mobile, and web to connect with your customers where they’re most likely to interact.

With iPost, you can send out predefined sequenced campaigns to promote corporate events and webinars. Integrate event registration to send periodic reminders to maximize attendance. Leverage Salesforce to target prospects with the right message depending on their stage in the sales cycle. Using the extensive metrics and analytics of iMM, analyze and understand your subscribers’ social sharing behavior to zero in on hot topics and uncover new leads.

Maximize Value with iPost B2B Email Marketing Service

It doesn’t matter how large of database you have of prospects if you aren’t sending them the right messages. Using iPost’s B2B email marketing solution, you can automatically target and segment the list based on user behavior to understand what will motivate them, and you can even market to them across mobile and social channels. Each message you send with iPost will help you further understand your customers and create more value-added segments to increase your revenue. To see iPost in action and learn about more of the benefits, click here.