Bath and Body Cosmetics Email Marketing Solutions from iPost

When your product is one that engages the senses, you need a vibrant marketing concept to attract customers in an intangible space like the Internet. Your cosmetics company has to compete with major brands for a share of the marketplace.

iPost’s innovative cosmetic industry email marketing solutions highlight your latest products, seasonal offerings and special promotions with an interconnected marketing solution.


The iPost email marketing solution provides secure business email and document delivery. We take data security seriously because protecting your customers’ information is just as important as sharing your news.

Don’t miss out on a strategic marketing opportunity by sending the same email message to trendy young women who dress for the clubs as the established woman looking for anti-aging treatments. iPost’s iMM customized digital marketing tools allow you to create targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to raise awareness of your bath and body products and increase revenue.

A cosmetics marketing newsletter allows you to share fashion news and makeup tips, or provide bath and body printable coupons to entice customers to try out your latest line of organic products.

Take advantage of our email marketing products for cosmetics companies and bath and body manufacturers. We’ll help you spread the word across all channels.

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