Customer Engagement

Typically an underserved segment, the unengaged customer is an asset that is less expensive and easier to monetize than the more costly new customer. Reactivating customers requires the ability to identify the unengaged segment and specifically target it for reengagement through a continuous, ongoing program.

Running in parallel to your usual connected marketing, the iPost Customer Engagement Program is a turnkey solution for generating revenue from formerly active customers. The solution packages a set of proven processes, iPost professional services, the iPost iMM and iPost Autotarget to identify and message unengaged customers based on their behavior with your brand.

Read about how Perricone MD’s use of the Customer Engagement solution paid for itself in as little as 3 weeks.

“We wanted to use email marketing to reengage customers who had gone silent – the most cost effective way to grow sales in a recession. iPost’s Customer Engagement Program enabled us to easily and profitably re-connect with these customers.” — Neil Kjeldsen, Perricone MD