email Marketing for eCommerce

Knowledgeable e-tailers know that email is still a primary driver of revenue despite the increasing popularity of social and mobile. E-tailers can not only draw upon iPost’s long history of providing targeted opt-in email marketing solutions for e-commerce, but also the integrated mobile and social capabilities as well. Working with our customers and partners, iPost has integrated many of today’s most popular e-commerce platforms: Demandware, Magento, Weblinc, Marketlive, Virid, Dydacomp, Shop Visible, and more. Our ecommerce email marketing solution packages the iMM and its APIs to provide the e-tailer with a true industry solution.

Email Marketing for eCommerce Features

  • New subscriber list integration
  • Triggered welcome messages
  • Abandoned shopping cart
  • Opt-out email address processing
  • Transactional messages

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