Email Marketing Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

The competition for your audience share has expanded to new media. Take advantage of the digital world with iPost’s email campaign service and put those entertainment dollars back in your pocket.

Viewers are watching TV with one eye, while checking their email with the other. Mobile broadcast email delivered at the right time will have your customers tuning in.


iPost’s innovative TV and film marketing concepts highlight new and upcoming releases, special promotions or entertainment news with an interconnected marketing solution. We seamlessly connect your customer databases and marketing campaign.

Audiences are inundated with marketing in the entertainment industry. Don’t miss out on a strategic TV or film marketing opportunity by sending the same email message to all customers.

iPost’s Autotarget customer analysis technology allows you to email clips, track their popularity and send targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to the right demographic.

iPost’s email campaign service provides secure business email and document delivery. We want to help you secure your studio’s information in the digital space while ensuring that your customers have the same level of data protection.

Now is the time to discover why marketing in the entertainment industry has moved to digital. iPost’s broadcast email campaign service is the answer to increasing sales in this competitive market.

iPost’s Autotarget software profiles your entire customer base to leverage your TV and film marketing and increase profitability.

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