Financial Services Email Marketing

The future of financial services is online. More people are enjoying the convenience of conducting bank transactions, applying for a loan or managing their investment portfolio online.

iPost’s financial services email marketing services let you quickly promote your expertise and offer additional services they may be interested in. We seamlessly connect your customer databases with your online bank marketing campaigns.

Financial services email marketing

Why iPost Email Marketing for Financial Services?

iPost’s financial services email marketing solutions provide secure encrypted business email and document delivery. We take data security seriously. Financial services have made significant progress in overcoming the skepticism of people worried about data security. You’ve proven that online banking or other financial transactions are safe. Protecting your customers’ information is paramount to good customer relations. Don’t miss out on a strategic marketing opportunity by sending the same email message to the customer seeking a mortgage as the client who wants to invest money in mutual funds. Use email marketing to promote mortgages and more to increase sales in this competitive market. iPost’s customized financial services email marketing tools allow national and local managers to create targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to raise customer traffic and increase revenue.

Find out how iPost’s iMM software profiles your entire customer base to leverage your financial services email marketing and increase profitability. For a free demo of our products and services, ,<a href=””>please click here</a>.