Email Marketing Solutions for Health Care Providers

It’s a challenge to market a business that people shy away from until they need you. The healthcare industry has always had to find ways to communicate with patients effectively. iPost’s healthcare email marketing solution allows you to inform your community or other physicians about your new practice or speciality.

A hospital newsletter gives you the opportunity to gain community support, raise funds for your new wing, introduce your newest staff member and let patients know about the great work you are doing.


iPost’s healthcare email marketing solution provides secure business email and document delivery. We understand that all methods of communication used by the medical profession must be compliant with HIPAA regulations. We take data security seriously.

Many people are searching for a new healthcare provider in their neighborhood. Don’t miss out on a marketing opportunity to let your community know about your new practice or added services. iPost’s customized digital marketing tools allow you to create targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to educate patients about preventive health strategies and raise awareness of the latest medical treatments.

Discover why iPost’s healthcare email marketing solutions help you engage your peers and patients. We’ll help you spread the word across all channels.

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