Real Estate Email Marketing Solutions

Regardless of the state of the housing market, there is always a high-level of competition among real estate agents. To get more action from your prospect list, use a real estate email marketing service such as iPost to intelligently notify your contact list about properties within their price range and geographic location. iPost’s real estate email marketing solution gives you the edge by providing a platform to highlight your latest properties and open houses.

Real Estate email marketing

What Can you get from iPost real estate marketing services?

Our real estate email marketing tools identify your customers’ needs and let you tailor your messaging to reflect the local housing market. iPost’s real estate email marketing solution provides secure email and document delivery, as well as professional services for email program design, content creation and delivery. You depend on your commission to make a living. Don’t miss out on a home sale because of poor email deliverability. With iPost you can count on your contact list receiving their email communications, so you can rest easy knowing that your latest home listings will get to the targeted contacts.

If you’re in Commercial real estate, your email marketing strategy will differ. iPost’s customized real estate marketing tools allow you to create targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to close residential and commercial properties and increase revenue. Take advantage of our email marketing products for real estate agents and check out iPost’s iMM email marketing solution. We’ll help you spread the word across all channels. For a free demo of our products and services, please click here.