Retail and Gift Industry Digital Marketing from iPost

When a customer steps into your retail store, you have a golden opportunity to send them away loaded down with shopping bags.

iPost’s innovative retail industry marketing concepts highlight your special promotions or gift card programs with an interconnected marketing solution. We seamlessly connect your single or multiple property outlets with your customer databases and marketing campaign.


Our stellar retail industry marketing concepts identify your customers’ needs and illuminate your peerless service. The iPost gift and retail industry email marketing solution provides secure business email and document delivery. We take data security seriously because protecting your customers’ information is just as important as sharing your news.

Don’t miss out on a strategic marketing opportunity by sending the same email message to the client who is looking for a designer boutique as the customer looking for clearance housewares. iPost’s customized digital marketing tools allow national and local managers to create targeted email, social media and mobile campaigns to raise customer traffic and increase revenue.

Now is the time to discover why a retail newsletter promoting your latest gift catalogue is the answer to increasing sales in this competitive market.

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