Email Marketing for Schools and Colleges

The days of sending a school newsletter or message home with a student are over. How many of these documents actually make it into the hands of parents? It makes sense that email is the best method of communication with parents. Many parents work outside of the home and access email from their mobile devices. A secure email ensures that your school newsletter reaches parents.

Additionally, using email marketing solutions for colleges allows you to engage your students and let them know of current events and policy changes. It can even be a great way to get them involved in the community or advertise credits for volunteer work.

email marketing for Schools

Why iPost Email Marketing for Schools and Colleges?

iPost’s school email services provide secure, encrypted and password protected document delivery. You can assure parents or students that you are protecting their identity and online presence. Middle school and high school newsletter ideas are becoming more innovative. Students work with teachers to create graphics and designs using software programs that also provide a valuable teaching opportunity. More schools are setting an example by going paperless.

College and university classes and even degree programs are seeing increases in attendance because of the use of email marketing software to promote different courses and alternatives to filled classes. A university newsletter allows you to share events and news with current students and alumni. Using iPost, colleges and universities can even send secure emails regarding necessary coursework, scholarships, grants and more without having to worry about the integrity of your students’ sensitive information being compromised.

Ask for a free demo of iPost iMM secure email services and we’ll show you how iPost can help your school or college institution stay in better touch with its community of students and parents. Click here for a free demo.