Use Specialty Email Promotions for Bakeries and Specialty Groceries

Are you starting a bakery, operating a grocery store or specialty food shop? iPost’s specialty email promotions allow you to gain more value from your customers with weekly specials and loyalty programs. Use your customer data, including information regarding their purchase history to provide email promotions that will help you upsell or cross-sell products that they would be interested in.

specialty email promotions for the food industry such as bakeries and grocery stores

What can iPost Specialty Email Promotions can do for your store?

If your store is in need of help to get more value out of your customers, then iPost email marketing can help. If you’re running a local bakery, your customers will range from the ones that purchase a single cupcake, to the couple that orders the thousand dollar wedding cake. These are two very different customers that will need different marketing messages. For the one-time cupcake customer, you can send them emails about new flavors using seasonal items; For the couple ordering the wedding cake, you can send them an email one year later asking them to relive their wedding by making them a slice of their cake. iPost helps to identify the needs of your customers and helps you to segment them into separate lists to show off your attentive service with special promotions.

iPost provides secure business email and document delivery to protect your client’s information while sharing your news. Your competitors are still using newspaper inserts as grocery store advertising. It’s time to discover specialty email promotions and intelligent email marketing are the answer to increasing sales in for your business. For a free demo of our products and services, click here.