HTML Designer: Bridging the Gaps Between the Programming, Design and Production Stages of Your Emails

Need to streamline your HTML editing production process? Concerned about production folks with limited HTML knowledge breaking complex Responsive Design documents while making updates? Looking for powerful yet easy to use image editing capabilities?

No problem! HTML Designer bridges the gap between your programming or design teams and your front-line email production teams, allowing both groups to do what they do best.

Using HTML Designer, your programming or design groups can:

  • Create complex HTML templates within (WYSIWYG) or outside of (Dreamweaver, hand-coded) the HTML Designer environment and then upload them into the HTML Designer library.
  • Make full use of HTML Designer’s powerful image editing capabilities.
  • Prototype HTML emailing documents.

HTML Designer

Using HTML Designer, your email production groups can:

  • Preview thumbnails of all available HTML templates.
  • Select and load any template into the editing environment.
  • Upload web assets into the HTML Designer image library.
  • Safely edit and preview Responsive Design documents.
  • Easily modify templates by changing fonts, colors, texts, images, backgrounds, tables and more.

If you’re looking for a proven HTML template manager and editor, it’s time for HTML Designer. HTML Designer brings order and needed capabilities to organizations with demanding and sophisticated email marketing programs. And that’s simply beautiful.

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