Workflow Enables Adherence to Strict Business Rules

Does your organization have an approval process as part of your email creation? Does your industry require regulatory compliance? Do you need to be able to audit the process in case something goes awry? If any of these apply to your business, iPost’s Workflow is the answer. With Workflow, each email goes through an approval process that you define, enabling accountability at every stage.


Customize Workflow to fit the approval process at your organization as well as your own business rules. Steps can include everything from ticket creation to editing to design to send, and any steps in between. And multiple workflows can be created for different projects and personnel.

Use iPost’s Workflow to:

  • Establish a workflow unique to your organization’s needs and business rules.
  • Make sure emails can’t be sent until certain protocols are met.
  • Always know where an email is in the process.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with a documented workflow.
  • Audit email creation retroactively.
  • Bring real-time transparency to the email production process.

Whether yours is a publicly traded company, a highly regulated one, or simply one with strict protocols for ensuring quality control, iPost’s Workflow can help your staff to adhere to the rules, no matter how strict they need to be.

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