The best email marketing campaigns are driven by intelligent targeting and segmentation. Autotarget , iPost’s on-demand solution for segmentation and targeting, lets you easily create customer segments by automatically assessing the behavior of your contact lists. This lets you improve engagement by letting you personalize your marketing message or each segment. Sending the right message at the right time to the right customers leads to more opens and clicks, social sharing beyond the inbox, and increased website visits and purchases.

Autotarget targeted email campaigns

Why Autotarget for Email Marketing?

  • Autotarget uses predictive analytics to automatically identify customer segments, freeing you to focus on your marketing message instead of spending hours analyzing your customer data.
  • Easy to use and easy to setup, Autotarget has been designed to work with any email service provider (ESP). It compiles and analyzes customer analytics and data nightly: website behavior, purchases (web, POS, call center), and email behavior (opens, clicks).
  • Remove unreliable and error-prone analysis on user behavior by having Autotarget profiles your entire customer base across all channels based on customers’ actual behavior without any bias.
  • Combining Autotarget with the iPost iMM puts a powerful sophisticated list management solution in the hands of the interactive marketer. Quickly identify different customer populations based on multi-channel behavior and demographics to execute interactive campaigns that resonate with each customer individually.
  • Unlocking Your Customer Data