Target Your Email Messaging Geographically With GeoIP

We all want to do targeted email marketing for better results, but we don’t always have the data we need to do so. Like geography—sometimes we get that at sign up, and sometimes we don’t. So how do marketers determine location for better email marketing? With GeoIP.

When someone interacts with your emails, GeoIP captures their IP address and runs it against a database of IP addresses to append that subscriber’s location to the other data you have about them. The IP address capture part actually happens whenever anyone resolves a tracked image (view) or link (click), so the GeoIP match can work retroactively. It’s that easy. And that useful!

Add iPost’s GeoIP to your marketing mix and:

  • Segment your lists without waiting on subscribers to give you more info.
  • Send your emails for the correct time for that time zone, no matter where in the world your subscriber might be, without setting up multiple sends.
  • Ensure all subscribers get timely notifications of sales and contests.
  • Analyze results based on geography.
  • Ensure you’re compliant the world over.


If you’re marketing to an international audience, use GeoIP to:

  • Suppress email delivery to specific countries based on criteria, such as international sales and marketing agreements, or an inability to comply with local anti-spam compliance laws.
  • Dynamically build HTML at send time on a per-subscriber basis based on the appropriate foreign language or images for each country, province, city, etc., using iPost’s powerful scripting language.

GeoIP can capture the city, state, ZIP code and country code of your subscribers for you. Imagine the segmenting, timing and even compliance you’ll be capable of with this additional data! This geographical information can also be used for your SMS messaging, to make it more targeted too. Add GeoIP to your marketing mix, and target those emails like never before.

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