iMM Email Marketing Tool

The iMM email marketing tool offers reliable, robust email marketing and secure document delivery services. Businesses of all sizes rely on iMM targeted email marketing technology and professional services to generate response and revenue month after month.

Why iMM Email Marketing Tools?

iMM email marketing tools and services have helped hundreds of interactive marketers create, execute, and analyze thousands of profitable targeted email campaigns for more than a decade. This experience means that you can count on reaching your customers when you absolutely need to, and reliably generate response. Our best-of-breed email marketing tools ensure the highest levels of deliverability to free you to focus on your marketing and not technology.

Connect and converse with your customers where they are &emdash; email, mobile, social, and web &emdash; by putting the iPost iMM email marketing tools to work for you to deliver results that matter: measurable ROI, actionable analytics, and deep insight into customer engagement and behavior.

iMM Key Features


  • Campaign Management– Create an unlimited number of email campaigns with automated nurturing, email triggers, auto responses, custom HTML templates and built-in link shorteners and web analytics tracking.
  • Subscriber and List Management – Market to an unlimited number of subscribers and contacts, and segment your lists based data accumulated through each users behavior.
  • Metrics and Analytics – Measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns based on email metrics such as deliverability, open-rates, conversion rates and click maps.
  • Integrations and API – Integrate iMM email marketing tools with multiple platforms such as Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Jasper, Salesforce CRM, Magento, Demandware, Guestware, Pegasys, MarketLive and more.
  • HTML Designer – Choose from one of hundreds of professionally designed and tested email templates, or easily create your own without any coding experience necessary.
  • New features in recent iMM releases

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