Email Marketing Metrics and Analytics

iMM Email Marketing Metrics and AnalyticsEvery successful email marketing campaign runs off of performance metrics and analytics. The iMM provides complete end-to-end email marketing analytics to help you understand how your campaigns are performing and what areas can be improved. The iMM shows you how your customers and contacts are engaging with your email campaigns, and automatically segments them into groups based on behavioral data. This lets you gain a better understanding of your contact lists and what messaging will get them to convert into paying customers.

The iMM even integrates out-of-the-box with Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture to give you a complete picture of your sales funnel from email campaign to conversion.

If you want to analyze your data yourself, we provide you all the performance metrics in Excel format with a set of Excel macros for analysis. If you need a custom report, we can develop it for you.Working with our partners, we can develop actionable dashboards that are driven by business analytics and data from any source: web analytics, CRM, social, census, weather, and more.

Examples of email performance metrics and reports included are:

  • Number of messages sent
  • Open and Click-Through rates
  • Deliverability statistics
    • Inbox/email provider
    • ISP
  • Click-map overlay for HTML email shows where your customers engage
  • Social sharing performance: social clicks, shares, forward-to-friend
  • Web Analytics Integration
    • Email channel performance: visitors, conversion, revenue
  • Remarketing reports: automatic list creation smart targeting