Email Subscriber and List Management

iMM Email List Management SoftwareStrengthen your customer relationships with relevant, meaningful communications driven by iMM with email list management software. Use more than 20 predefined demographic targeting attributes, an unlimited number of custom attributes, and comprehensive list management tools for segmenting and targeting. Even have your lists automatically update based on dynamic parameters, complete opt-out and bounce-out management, and ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations.

List Management Features

  • Unlimited number of subscribers
  • Unlimited number of lists including live, dynamic, and seed lists
  • Unlimited number of custom subscriber attributes for targeting and/or personalization
    • iPost Data Manager wizard for defining new custom attributes
  • Dynamic segmentation and targeting using any customer attribute
  • Pre-defined Remarketing lists
  • Automated multivariate (A/B) testing
  • Import lists from any ESP, CRM, or database system
    • Smart data hygiene for imported lists
  • Automated, configurable handling of bounces, opt-outs, and spam complaints for CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Subscriber relationship management for opt-ins, opt-outs, preferences