Market to a mobile world with our advanced features

Email is still one of the best forms of reaching your customers and driving sales.  That said, in the age of social media and mobile devices it is a good idea to combine your campaigns with more than just text.  At iPost we will help you drive your marketing to a new level of engagement by providing you the right tools.

It starts with the ability to format the message properly to insure that when a reader opens the message they can actually read it.

iPost / iMM also:

  • Offers a mobile content production service where our professional services team takes your existing desktop creative and transforms it into a responsive HTML template that you can update for each mailing.
  • Tracks the platform usage (Android, iOS, Outlook, etc.) of every subscriber, so marketers get reports of platform usage and can target by platform.
  • Offers “View mobile” links for your HTML content, so subscribers can switch views between desktop and mobile content.

It is just as important that the recipient sees a level of personalization that makes the message relevant.  With the iPost iMM, the marketer can target a message by location and time but also include external factors such as prior purchase behavior and their likely hood to buy based on our auto-target functionality.

  • Embed video or pull live content from any site
  • Include social media widgets in emails to grow your social reach and create another talking point through social media.
  • Use social share/forward/tweet widgets in your emails amplifying your voice.
  • Include social media feeds within your email.