Secure Email Service Provider

How It Works

  1. Your business needs to send emails with sensitive information to one or many recipients
  2. Recipients need only a web browser and email address. ArmoredEnvoy works on any platform, including mobile and desktop.
  3. Load the documents into ArmoredEnvoy, and ArmoredEnvoy takes care of securely delivering the documents to each recipient.
  4. ArmoredEnvoy reports back to you when the recipient opens the document.

Why not secure email services?

ArmoredEnvoy was created to do what secure email service providers could not: deliver documents securely to anyone. Secure email requires the sender and recipient share the same software for encryption and decryption of the document. ArmoredEnvoy, in contrast, uses standard web browser security technologies already present on recipients’ phones and desktops.

Use Case Examples

  • Insurance company needs to send policy documents or loss claim adjustment documents to a consumer
  • Healthcare provider needs to send HIPAA regulated personal health information to a patient
  • Financial services provider needs to send loan / contract documents to a consumer
  • Lawyer needs to present confidential documents to a client or colleague
  • Outsourced HR Dept. (PEO) needs to distribute regulated information (401(k) info, profit sharing, etc.)
  • University or other education needs to distribute acceptance letters, scholarship offers, grade reports