Reach the People Committed to Your Brand—Add SMS to Your Marketing Mix

It’s one level of trust to hand over an email address. It’s quite another to hand over a cell phone number too. And that’s how your most committed customers raise their hands and show themselves. Reward them for that loyalty with SMS!

SMS messages deliver the ultimate in right time, right place messaging because they are the ultimate in immediacy and intimacy.

iPost SMS messaging screenshot

What you as the marketer see: Screenshot of iPost’s SMS messaging interface.

iPost SMS messaging on a smart phone

Add iPost’s SMS to your marketing mix and:

  • Make exclusive offers to your most loyal customers.
  • Alert retail customers to store sales.
  • Announce a give-away at your booth during a B2B tradeshow.
  • Send reminders about sales and events to create a sense of urgency.
  • Keep employees, customers, dealer networks and others informed about time-sensitive actions or events.

iPost’s SMS can be used alone or in conjunction with your email marketing. iPost’s SMS is quite flexible too, letting you put your campaigns together the way you want. Reporting will show you what is or isn’t working. And ease of use means you’ll quickly be putting this channel to use!

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