Case Studies

iPost has helped customers excel in marketing to their own customers in the most powerful and effective way – through email marketing. These case studies demonstrate how we have helped achieve email marketing ROI for some of our clients.

Medical Insurance Provider – secure document delivery

Integrated Marketing Agency – lead generation

Media Company – advanced segmentation and targeting


Perricone MD – a leader in prestige skincare – needed a system to:

  • Identify engaged customers that welcomed frequent email updates
  • Reconnect with dormant customers without impacting overall delivery

Challenge: Increase revenue in a down economy and boost customer engagement with the Perricone MD brand.

Solution: iPost’s Customer Engagement Program (combined automated customer insight and services).


  • Percent of online revenue from unengaged customers rose from 0 to 7%
  • Increased conversion rates from 0 to 33%
  • Boosted revenue per email sent from 0 to $0.26
  • Program broke even in the first 3 days

"We wanted to use email marketing to reengage customers who had gone silent — the most cost effective way to grow sales in a recession. The iPost Customer Engagement Program enabled us to easily and profitably re-connect with these customers." — Neil Kjeldsen, vice president of eCommerce, Perricone MD

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Intermix – a women’s apparel company – is bucking the retail trend in a down market. After adopting iPost’s Autotarget, Intermix is making more money from email marketing, giving fewer discounts and offering discounts for a shorter period of time. While email marketing was profitable, McNichol felt in mid-2008 that there was a big upside to more effectively targeting his email campaigns. He especially wanted to find ways to email more often to customers who wanted frequent contact from Intermix while both minimizing discounts and increasing the lag time of discounts. McNichol adopted Autotarget because of its automated Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM) and has been reaping the rewards ever since then and as a result, has a fashionable leg up on the company’s competition. McNichol shares his methodologies and metrics in the Intermix Case Study including:

  • 28% Increase in email marketing ROI
  • 9% increase in revenue from direct sales
  • 40% decrease in discounts offered to customers

Eastwood – The Eastwood Company sells tools and supplies for hobbyists and small businesses that restore or customize motor vehicles. Eastwood sends out a mixture of email campaigns, the four main types being new product announcements, general promotions, specific product offers, and general information. The challenge was to find the most effective way to continue driving revenue growth. Kosciewicz decided to test his email marketing program with the effectiveness of iPost’s Autotarget, and its Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM) segmentation capability. The test mailing was a great success: the targeted recipients proved to be much more likely to open the email and to respond to it, compared to the untargeted emails Eastwood had been sending out. Kosciewicz gives you – in the Eastwood Case Study – the inside story on how he boosted email marketing ROI, increased revenue and lowered opt-outs including:

  • 21% Increase email marketing ROI
  • 25% Lower costs
  • 14% Fewer opt-outs


Kimpton – In the intensely competitive hotel industry, Kimpton’s operating philosophy is to anticipate, meet and exceed guest expectations. Find out how iPost helps Kimpton fulfill that philosophy and meet Kimpton’s email marketing goals for over 30 hotel and restaurant properties.