Automated Email Campaigns and Integration

iPost email marketing services will help you integrate your email campaigns with all of your existing systems and help you to automate several processes. Automation and integration are critical to develop and execute highly effective and successful interactive marketing programs, iPost will help you:

  • Create automatically triggered campaigns such as welcome messages, abandoned shopping carts, and personally important dates (birthdays, anniversaries to name a few) have a proven track record of increasing customer engagement.
  • By providing systems integrations with 360 degree view of the customer. and ensures that customer data flows seamlessly from CRM, e-commerce platforms, and others to trigger campaigns.
  • Help you to identify opportunities for automation and integration.
  • Architect and design your project, manage the project, develop the code, and test the solution.

Every step of a project is documented with clear deliverables to keep the project on track. Accelerate your connected marketing campaigns with automation and integration services from iPost.