About Skip ONeill

Skip is a pioneer in the email marketing space. He joined ExactTarget in 2002 and helped build the sales and channel team contributing to the overall success and IPO. He has tenure at a number of other successful ESPs and enjoys helping companies grow. A major component of his role of VP of Sales at iPost is to foster community at all touchpoints. He believes in the fundamentals of sales which is an ongoing understanding of the customers’ needs and goals and to help through planning, collaboration and execution. Skip shares his time between Dallas, TX & Portland, OR with his wife D’Anne. His hobbies include tending to a small backyard vineyard and enjoys making wine and travel.
  • Realize the Value of Relevance to Get More Email Opens

Realize the Value of Relevance to Get More Email Opens

2022-01-27T12:58:01-07:00By |

Think of the last time you didn't read your email for a day or so. When you did check, your inbox was probably filled with both opt-in messages as well as some junk email. Let's focus on those emails you opted in to receive, the ones from brands you had explicitly given permission to [...]

  • The Importance of the Welcome Email

The Importance of the Welcome Email

2021-10-26T13:02:06-06:00By |

As an email marketer, you need to pay close attention when sending a welcome email. Remember, the welcome series is the first email content your email subscribers will have with your business. Making sure that interaction is relevant and meaningful is critical to the lifetime value of that subscriber. Pro Tip: To make sure [...]