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Stefano Pistillo has been working in the Email Marketing field for more than 10 years and, as a Solutions Engineer, has always been interested in finding the right path to solve customer problems. He also likes to expand his knowledge: from data visualization to training, from product management to writing. He co-founded a startup in the Data Journalism space, where he served as CEO. He lived a few years in the San Francisco Bay Area, then moved back to Torino, Italy, where he lives with his wife Marta and their two daughters.
  • Real Time Dynamic Data for Marketing Emails

Real Time Dynamic Data for Marketing Emails

2022-01-27T12:42:45-07:00By |

Using dynamic data in marketing emails is a standard, at this point in 2022. Blog posts and articles are saturated with practices about it, and virtually everyone in the industry uses some type of personal dynamic information associated with their contacts to provide better communication and to improve the quality of the user experience. It’s a given [...]