Terms and Conditions – Campaign-Genius Add-on

This Agreement describes your organization’s use of Campaign-Genius, a service provided by Say It Visually, Inc. This service is a value added service and will result in additional billings. This add-on of Campaign-Genius is to be used within the iPost platform to enable content to be personallized at time of end-user’s opening of the message and downloading images. You are able to access this service because you are Client (“Client” as defined in your iPost Master Services Agreement) of iPost (“Company”). It is possible for you to utilize your existing account with Campaign-Genius by entering the correct credentials in the iPost Confluxery Campaign-Genius settings.

By clicking “Subscribe” or Agreeing to these T&C and/or obtaining any content  from Campaign-Genus within the iPost platform, Client is agreeing to the following:

  1. This Agreement shall constitue a Service Order as defined in the Master Services Agreement between Company and Client and shall be incorporated herein to the Master Agreement and form part of the Agreements between Company and Client. If Client does not have an iPost Master Services Agreement with iPost (e.g. Client’s agreement is through a Reseller or other), this Agreement constitutes an additional binding agreement for service between Client and iPost.
  2. This is a legally binding agreement and it is represented by the person agreeing to these terms and conditions that they have authority to enter into agreements on behalf of Client.
  3. Term begins on date of first use of Campaign-Genius software. This Service Order shall be coterminous with Client’s Services Order that controls access to Company’s platform and each successive Renewal Term will be determined by the prior referenced SO’s Effective Date and Renewal Term.
  4. Client or Company may terminate this Service Order based on a 30-day written notice to the other party. Company reserves the right to suspend service immediately without prior written notice for any reason.
  5. Rate shall be determined by advertised rate and is subject to change without notice.
  6. Billing for the use of Campaign-Genius’s service shall be based on usage and occur monthly. All fees shall be due and payable within (30) days of date of invoice. Additional Payment and Billing Terms are specified in Master Services Agreement Section 3.
  7. Client acknowledges and agrees to iPost’s Privacy Policy located at: https://www.ipost.com/privacy-policy/ and the Acceptable Use Policy located at https://www.ipost.com/acceptable-use-policy/  and to abide by all applicable laws and regulations including GDPR and CCPA.
  8. Client further acknowledges and agrees to Campaign Genius’s Terms and Conditions located at: https://www.campaign-genius.com/terms-conditions
  9. These Terms and Conditions may be updated periodically as needed with no advanced notice. Client will be asked to reaffirm your agreement within the iPost Platform when this happens.


Revised January 24, 2020