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Cameron Kane is the CEO at iPost. Always drawn to technology, Cameron entered the field of computers straight out of college. He has co-founded multiple startups and led teams that have created and launched many email software products, including Rich Media Email, Solocaster and eMVision. As the CEO at iPost, he strives to ensure customers distill value from the software, because he knows this has been a constant pain point for customers throughout the software industry and especially in the ESP space. Cameron lives in Northern California with his wife and two children. His hobbies including flying, tennis and beekeeping.
  • What Makes a SOC 2 Audit Successful?

What Makes a SOC 2 Audit Successful?

2021-10-26T14:24:41-06:00By |

What happens after you receive your SOC 2 audit report? You’ve just used many resources – maybe even some that you were strapped to allocate – to go through a gap analysis, remediate the findings, and then begin the Type I and/or Type 2 audit. It’s a massive project that you should be proud [...]

  • Expert Level Email Marketing Execution [Like You're in a Spy Novel]

Expert Level Email Marketing Execution [Like You’re in a Spy Novel]

2021-10-26T14:22:57-06:00By |

Spending a few weeks on vacation and reading my fill of spy novels makes me reflect on my years in the online business. Spy novels and movies feature cool gadgets that work exactly when you need them, with the ability to adapt to any situation. Sounds like a perfect metaphor for online advertising/marketing. After [...]

  • Big Data: New Analytics or New Decisioning

Big Data: New Analytics or New Decisioning

2021-10-26T14:20:35-06:00By |

There is a lot of talk about big data technology these days: Data Management...How do you possibly store, manage and derive intelligence from the flood of transient data and sources, online, offline, and market-level data? Analyzing volumes of data and types of data can be daunting for those not proclaimed as high-level data scientists. [...]

  • Managing Data: Making sense of features that help

Managing Data: Making sense of features that help

2021-10-26T13:55:24-06:00By |

iPost wrote a Whitepaper  “Email Marketing Maturity Model:  From Bait Shop to Revolutionary” recently striving to help marketers think about the relative stages of maturity for an email marketer. One of the most important considerations when looking at your maturity is how you look at creating actionable segments and ultimately how you operate within [...]

  • Automation to Journeys

From Automation to Journeys — 5 Key Tips

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Most every digital marketing professional has basic automated email journeys in place, usually a welcome series. But the time has come for these email marketing automation programs to grow in maturity, to evolve from email automation to well-thought-out email journeys. Why? One reason: customer experience. Customer experience is the new competitive advantage We’re entering [...]

  • Restaurant Email Marketing

Restaurant Email Marketing

2021-10-26T13:36:19-06:00By |

The Dangers of Stale Restaurant Email Marketing—and How to Make It Fresh Again Would you eat stale bread? Old fish? Over-cooked vegetables? Not by choice, right? Nor would your restaurant serve up such sub-standard food to their customers. But you might be serving up stale, sub-standard emails—through no fault of your own. To make [...]

  • The All-in-One Marketing Cloud vs. Integrated Best-in-Breed Solution

The All-in-One Marketing Cloud vs. Integrated Best-in-Breed Solution

2021-10-26T13:30:28-06:00By |

Are you considering a marketing cloud solution? One that combines all kinds of disparate technologies and features into one package? Many companies are going that route. And it might be that it’s a good solution for you…and it might be that it’s not. A bundled solution has its downsides, as you’ll see below. And [...]

  • Relational vs. flat file systems

How a Relational Database Can Help Stop Email From Falling Flat

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Do you know where your email marketing is headed? Ideally, it’s headed down the path of hyper-personalized, one-to-one marketing. But hyper-personalized is only going to happen if your ESP supports a relational database. Relational vs. flat file systems Although many marketers have recognized the benefits of relational databases for several years now, surprisingly few email [...]

  • Email Open Rate Meaning - Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Email Open Rate Meaning – Why You Shouldn’t Worry

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Email open rates (the number of emails opened). We love them. We hate them. We obsess over them. They are typically one of the first email marketing benchmarks we check in our email reporting (after the total number of emails delivered.) We anxiously compare them to industry standards. And we’re constantly trying to get [...]