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For The Franchise
For The Franchise

iPost empowers franchise marketers to manage email marketing and messaging campaigns through multi-tiered accounts to increase revenue and convert customers.

iPost empowers franchise marketers to manage email marketing and messaging campaigns through multi-tiered accounts to increase revenue and convert customers.


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Having built the most comprehensive enterprise platform for franchisee email and mobile marketing.

We solve the problems franchises face when running email programs—consistent branding and fragmentation. We help you create emails that people crave, leading to a higher ROI for both the franchisor and franchisee.

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We Solve The Marketing Problems That Franchisors And Franchisees Face.

The modern franchise marketer needs a system to help solve the challenges of consistent branding, fragmentation, and more.  A system built with speed, flexibility, and the ability to unlock the data you have to drive immediate ROI.

Franchise Management In One Place

One place to support your corporate or franchise-owned locations.
One place to train and onboard new franchisees.
One area to grant and restrict user permissions to everyone.

Manage your franchise-owned locations
Grant and restrict user permissions
Manage locking down your email designs for different users
Check email rendering across email clients

Creative – Done Simply.

iPost allows marketers to share and manage assets, templates, and emails instantly with your franchise locations. A drag and drop editor that allows for locking down and then distributing them. Oh – at no additional cost, you can check email rendering across email clients for the perfect email every time.

Granular Reporting.

Get detailed reporting and manage all client accounts with ease. Grab the insights you need to help optimize your strategy and ROI.

Detailed reporting and manage all client accounts

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Get our field manual for Franchise email marketing a pragmatic guide
to success and ROI in email.

If you are a marketer inside a franchise organization, an effective and cost-efficient way to connect with current
and future customers is via email marketing.

Top 3 challenges Franchise marketers face

  • Fragmentation
    Email strategies are often devoid of structure without clear guidelines.

  • Segmentation
    Localization and segmentation go hand in hand with email marketing.

  • Content
    Unique content with guidelines for localization is always a challenge.

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Support And Service Is In Our DNA

iPost supports your franchise development with personal support via our in-app chat or via email for your needs. If you require services to help get the most out of our platform, a team of professionals with over ten years of email experience is there to help.


Want to learn more and see iPost in action?

Let us show you how to use YOUR data to create emails that convert.

Give us 30-45 minutes of your time to show you how email marketing can transform your Franchise.

We would love for your Franchise to experience:

  • How to use journeys to enable personalized Franchise Development.

  • How multi-tiered accounts can eliminate fragmentation.

  • How to use engagement scoring based on your criteria to create journeys for potential Franchisors

  • How easy it is to create amazing-looking emails.

Simply fill in your contact information, and a member of our team will contact you to determine your requirements and set up a day and time.