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    Field Manual For Franchise Email Marketing

    If you are a marketer inside a franchise organization, an effective and cost-efficient way to connect with current and future customers is via email marketing.



    The Economic Impact of Email Testing

    “Just test it” is a phrase that all email marketers have heard one too many times. Every conference, every vendor, and every thought leader has pushed the idea of email testing for years. There is an economic impact on every email test performed.



    Email Maturity Model

    Understanding the six stages of maturity of email marketing. This guide is designed to focus on key stages of maturity for email marketers.



    The Complete Guide to Restaurant
    Email Marketing

    Pound for pound, email is one of the most effective channels restaurant marketers can use. This guide shows how restaurants can take advantage of email marketing.



    The Relevancy Ring 2019
    Enterprise ESP Buyers Guide.

    iPost, the leading enterprise omnichannel marketing automation platform, announces its placement as a leader in the 2019 Relevancy Ring- Enterprise ESP Buyers Guide.


    Case Study

    The Henry Ford - Case Study

    “We never dreamed how easy it was going to be to migrate from a top-heavy email platform, in which we had invested so many years and processes, to the perfect fit for our email campaigns with iPost.”

    – Filomena Napolitano,
    Digital Marketing Manager

    The Henry Ford – A World-Class Museum Drives Its Brand Forward

    With more than 1.7 million annual visitors and growing, Dearborn, Michigan’s internationally rec-ognized cultural destination needed a new solution to help its customers experience American innovation, ingenuity and resourcefulness through its email programs.

    With multiple properties onsite, affiliate accounts for its regional conventions and community outreach work, 60 million emails sent annually, and aspirations to expand its footprint even further, The Henry Ford was looking to solidify its brand, and alleviate labor intensive program management, across all accounts. This meant accepting an opaque pricing structure, exorbitant added costs, outdated and cumbersome UI, and difficult to reach customer service if it stayed the course with the marketing cloud to meet its goals.

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