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Interviews | Email Best Practices Podcasts

Interviews | Email Best Practices Podcasts

Email Never Sleeps Podcast

Andrew Kordek has spoken at nearly 100 events worldwide throughout his 31-year career. His engaging, high-energy, and passionate speaking engagements have excited crowds from 20 to over 3000 people, and they keep asking for more.

He is a storyteller who learns from his crowd, loves impromptu discussions, and wants everyone to feel empowered to do more for the customer.

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Email Challenges Series

Apply To Be A Guest

Are you heavily involved in the email industry?
We’re accepting applications for upcoming guests.

To be considered, you must:

  • Be a manager, executive, founder or owner in email-related business.

  • Have speaking and presenting experience.

  • Be authorized to speak on your companies behalf.

  • Be looking to give real advice, not looking to pitch.

Please send your LinkedIn profile when you apply.