Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies   

Signature Flight Case Study

“iPost has made transactional emails simple, letting us be more personalized and responsive to our most loyal customers.”

– Matthew Carroll,
Senior Vice President Marketing, Signature Flight Support

Signature Flight – Complex Loyalty Program Emails Take Flight
with iPost Enterprise

Signature Flight Support’s global network of 200 Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) offer essential support to business jets and private aviation. These services include aircraft fueling, handling, and hangarage – all with an emphasis on exceptional customer service.

Called Signature TailWins, the loyalty program lets pilots earn points for fuel purchases, then redeem those points. However, Signature couldn’t reliably personalize the emails to offer each member up-to-date and detailed information about their transactions. They needed data pulled from multiple sources to make this happen, and the existing email process had significant challenges in scalability.

Restaurant Marketing

“After seeing the iPost platform it was a no-brainer to switch providers. With iPost we have all our needs met with an easier-to-use platform and better support, at a lower cost.”

– Lisa Nason, – Super-sizes Email Volume with iPost

As the valued and trusted restaurant marketing network that connects restaurants and diners, requires a world-class email service provider (ESP) to handle the volume and complexity of its digital marketing needs. With 500,000+ deals available every day, and a requirement to send millions of 1:1 hyper-personalized emails per-hour, the online restaurant promotion site is clearly among the most sophisticated marketers in its category. pulls data from multiple sources to create geographically relevant, personalized email offers within 15 miles of a user’s registered zip code radius. Offering discounts at more than 170,000 restaurants and retailers, and creating deals segmented by user on a daily basis, the site generates huge quantities of targeted email.

The Henry Ford - Case Study

“We never dreamed how easy it was going to be to migrate from a top-heavy email platform, in which we had invested so many years and processes, to the perfect fit for our email campaigns with iPost.”

– Filomena Napolitano,
Digital Marketing Manager

The Henry Ford – A World-Class Museum Drives Its Brand Forward

With more than 1.7 million annual visitors and growing, Dearborn, Michigan’s internationally recognized cultural destination needed a new solution to help its customers experience American innovation, ingenuity and resourcefulness through its email programs.

With multiple properties onsite, affiliate accounts for its regional conventions and community outreach work, 60 million emails sent annually, and aspirations to expand its footprint even further, The Henry Ford was looking to solidify its brand, and alleviate labor intensive program management, across all accounts. This meant accepting an opaque pricing structure, exorbitant added costs, outdated and cumbersome UI, and difficult to reach customer service if it stayed the course with the marketing cloud to meet its goals.

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