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Email Marketing
For The Casino Industry
For The Casino Industry

iPost allows casino marketers to manage email marketing campaigns in a single robust platform.

iPost allows casino marketers to manage email marketing campaigns in a single robust platform.

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Don’t Gamble With Your Email Program.

The modern player demands a lot from marketers, and iPost has built an email marketing software to help customize the player development journey. If you are looking to send personalized content, increase wallet share for each player, communicate across various channels, and increase your ROI, iPost is the email solution.

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We Built a Casino Email Marketing Solution
Specifically for Your Goals

iPost is your “eye in the sky” for Casino Marketing.

Manage locking down your email designs for different users

Leverage Player ID as the Record Identifiers

Unlock the power of casino industry data. iPost empowers the casino marketer to get and use granular data on casino customers. Unlike other ESPs, iPost allows the option to use Player ID specific to the casino industry which solves an industry problem of having to use email address as the unique identifier. We understand this causes unnecessary extra work for you, so we fixed that!

Reward them based on their THEO score

Leverage your player’s THEO (aka – average daily theoretical) score to create highly personalized and dynamic emails so that every player experience is memorable with you. The iPost casino and gaming email system take customer journeys to a new level by using data like THEO score to a hyper-individualized level to increase ROI.

Detailed reporting and manage all client accounts
Manage locking down your email designs for different users

Beautiful emails start here.

iPost’s drag and drop tool allows marketers to create beautiful email campaigns that represent the brand – no design experience needed. Oh – at no additional cost, you can check email rendering across email clients for the perfect email every time.

Information at your fingertips

Intuitive and in-depth reports on every campaign at a moment’s notice. Grab the insights you need to help optimize your strategy and ROI.

Detailed reporting and manage all client accounts
Click to expand the player journey
Click to expand the player journey

Create player development journeys

Create a 5X new player/member revenue stream by using decision logic around player behavior. From the simple to the complex, iPost has the solution.

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iPost ups the ante on support and service

iPost supports your account with personal support via our in-app chat or via email for your needs. If you require services to help get the most out of our platform, a team of professionals with over ten years of email experience is there to help.

    Frequently asked questions

We need a lot of integrations, can your platform work for us?2022-01-21T15:00:40-07:00

Of course, we have integrations! You can find out our complete list of integrations here.
Don’t see the one you want, let us know.

We have a lot of data. How complicated will it be to import all data and onboard?2022-01-21T15:15:00-07:00

Importing data is only as complicated as you make it. During our onboarding or even sales stages, we can determine what will need to be done and a timeframe to get it done. We have amazing documentation for developers and marketers alike. We offer the ability for marketers to import flat files into our lists to full relational data tables for companies who really want to get the best use of their data.


  1. Our API documentation.

  2. Our users guide to contacts.

What does the system cost?2022-01-21T15:15:48-07:00

There are several costs that iPost charges and can be discussed when you speak with a Regional Sales Director. These costs can be license fees, IP address fees, and CPM costs to send your email. We are in the business to make money, but we believe that we offer features that grow with your business at a fraction of the cost. Contact us to learn more.

What about support?2022-01-21T15:16:50-07:00

We have a dedicated support team that you can reach via email or even via live chat in the platform.

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  • How to use engagement scoring based on your criteria to create “personas” for each of your players.

  • Discover new email best practices for Casinos.

  • How easy it is to create amazing-looking emails.

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