Need to transform? No budget? No time? Risky?

Can you afford to sit and wait? We invite you to a select 30 minute conversation where we can show you how companies are embracing digital transformation through the use of data and machine learning.

  • Need to integrate data from many internal/external sources?

  • Need to visualize real time data to help make better marketing decisions?

  • Need to mass scale personalization cross channels? (email, web, mobile)

  • Need to automate more, but not sure how to scale it?

  • Need a more behavioral driven approach to Testing and Optimization?

  • Need products that don’t require “work-arounds” ?

  • And Support teams that work for you, not on tickets.

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    Platform and company designed for YOU, Easy to Use, Flexible, Responsive.

    iPost is a group of tenured veterans from the email industry that has lived in the trenches using all the legacy platforms on the market. We built the iPost platform to fit your needs today, tomorrow and next year. If you are frustrated with data latency, frustrated with feature promises that never live up to the hype and frustrated your vendors well, act like vendors vs. partners, We are worth checking out.

    • Data and Audience Building

      Use realtime data to fuel audience discovery, Targeting and Personalization

    • Personalization

      Drag and Drop personalization, Dynamic Content, No Code Designer

    • Automation/Triggers

      Visual Drag-n-drop journeys, data/event and ecommerce automation /trigger builder

    • Insights

      Intuitive reporting, from campaign, trends, to funnel and conversion tracking

    • Channels/Engagement

      Configurable delivery network, IPs, SMS, Push and Social Targeting

    • Vertically integrated solutions

      Retail, Casino/Loyalty/Hospitality, Restaurant and Agency solutions

    Best of Breed Partners accelerate success and innovation

    We don’t try to be everything to everyone. There are many valuable technologies we have integrated with to give you the broadest option of capabilities. We believe in best of breed, vs. trying to boil the ocean in one platform. Want to extend personalization with machine learning- Check. Want to clean your data- check. Want to integration mobile app experiences into a customer journey-check. Want to integrate with your ecommerce, CRM, content management, call center systems- Check. See our partner network and if you don’t see a partner you work with, talk to us.


    & Testing

    & Remarketing



    Do More With iPost

    iPost provides enterprise marketers everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to harness all customer behavioral and transactional data for email marketing. All in an easy-to-use platform that enables marketers to do much more–putting power and control back into your hands.

    iPost was founded by a team of veteran marketers with extensive experience implementing industry leading ESP platforms. From this unique perspective, we’ve been able to imagine iPost from the ground up to excel where other solutions fall flat–empowering you and impacting enterprise digital marketing like never before.