Does the perfect email program exist? What is the best email system? These are commonly asked questions by digital marketers and the answer may surprise you.

The perfect email program may or may not exist.

Depending on how you define perfection, the Perfect Email Program Video by Andrew Kordek answers 8 commonly asked questions he encounters in his day to day at iPost. In, The Perfect Email Program Video, I discuss/challenge you as email marketers to answer a few questions to see if your program is ahead of the game.

Perfect Email Program Video by Andrew Kordek

I’m Andrew Kordek, I spent nine years managing emails on the client-side and managing multiple email accounts for Quest Software and Groupon both domestically and globally.

I’ve pushed buttons to send an email to 32 million people! 

Then I started an agency in 2010. I retired in 2020 but then decided to get back in the game with iPost.

Andrew Kordek Previous Email Experience Perfect Emails iPost

How we all define best practices is usually different. It can vary on the type of program you run, the type of industry you’re in, etc.

These are important questions you should ask yourself when choosing your email marketing tool.

Question 1:

Does your organization have an accessible library of previous email sending tests? Are you able to go back and statistically analyze how things performed in the past and ‘sort of’  predict the future or try it again in a different way?

Does your organization have library of email test results

Question 2:

Do you test more than one Welcome Email or Welcome Series for greater conversions or engagement to optimize your email marketing platforms?
Do you test:
  • Different Welcome Streams
  • Different Message
  • Different Calls to Action
  • Different Subject Lines
  • Different Places of Content
Do you test more than one welcome email for greater conversions

Question 3:

Do you have email frequency caps and do you enforce them?
Oftentimes, people unsubscribe from email marketing campaigns because they get too much email or it’s just not relevant to them.
Do you have email frequency caps and enforce them

Question 4:

We all have a vision of success, but does everyone know what the most important success metrics are?
Do you know what success looks like in your email program

Question 5:

Do you regularly test and optimize the sign up / opt-in experience?
Do you regularly test and optimize the sign up opt-in experience?

To See Questions 6, 7, 8 Watch The Perfect Email Program Video: